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Event Chairs: Kim Jordan
Lisa Hedberg


Oregon Battle of the Books


2017-2018 Oregon Battle of the Books 

What is OBOB?

OBOB stands for Oregon Battle of the Books.  At Willamette Primary, the students read from a list of books on a team of four students. They will compete in a series of quiz-like sessions with questions about the book content.  

In the Fall, the teams will officially register for the program and we’ll help you get started with your practice sessions.  

In January 2018, the teams will compete in school battles against other Willamette 4th/5th teams. 


How do I get started?

Read and read!  

Find a team.  There should be four readers on the team total, and each reader will read some books as their primary books, and some books as their secondary books.  The team can work together to figure out what books everyone will read, so that every book is read by at least two people.  



The OBOB program is an extra curricular program managed by the PTA, however, it is supported and encouraged by Willamette teachers.  Reading will be done at home, and team meetings can be held after school.  

Battles will take place during the school day at lunch and recess times.  Each team will battle roughly four times during the end of January and throughout February, and then will participate in a final battle the first week in March.  

The program is intended to be fun!  We’re hoping to encourage a love of reading and fun with books. 


Questions?  Email

2018 Book List

NEW! Code of Conduct

Official OBOB Handbook and Rules