Event Chair:Nicole Rusk


Artwork Fundraiser


Each child will produce a work of art within their classroom.  Parents are given an order form and artwork company website link to order artwork reproduced onto various items such as mugs, key chains, mouse pads, etc...  This fundraiser is very popular among parents.  It’s an easy way to support our school and give beautiful sentimental gifts to all those special people on your holiday shopping list.



Dear Parents,



While your kids are back at school for another fantastic year learning reading, writing and arithmetic, their lovely teachers are also taking the time for art instruction.


From experience, we can tell you that beautiful creations are happening in classrooms.  The teachers are having the kids create a specific piece of art that will be available for creating lifetime treasures.  This year the PTA is using a company called Kids Kreations. Your child’s art will be sent to this company in a few weeks, and each piece will be scanned and coded for your ordering ease.  You will receive flyers shortly thereafter picturing available products that your child’s art can be placed on for purchase.  You will be able to go to the website for Kids Kreations, enter an on-line showroom that will allow parents to view their child’s art on the different products available and also allow a direct purchase from the company with a portioned profit returning to our own PTA.   And as in prior years, you will still have the option to purchase with a personal check made out to Willamette PTA and returned to school with your child’s order forms.  We anticipate personalized order forms to be delivered around mid to late October.  An update will be circulated as that time draws nearer.



Please feel free to preview products at http://www.kidskreations.us/



Look for posters in the hallways, coming soon.  We LOVE our kids’ art!