Room Parent Responsibilities


  1. Phone Tree:  In case of bad weather, a lock down, or any other reason the school should be closed early, Gretchen and Inga will call the designated Room Parent of each class to start the phone tree.  The Room Parent will call the other parents of the class with the necessary information, note relevant information and return the emergency list to Gretchen.  It may be faxed to her at (503) 655-3706 or scanned and emailed to


  1. Classroom Volunteers:  Teachers may need extra volunteers in the classroom, chaperones for field trips, additional classroom supplies, or help in other situations.  At these times, Room Parents can assist by organizing and contacting other parents.


  1. PTA Needs:  Additional volunteers may occasionally be needed for PTA events.  In these situations, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact the Room Parents for assistance.


  1. Classroom Parties:  Every teacher has their own approach regarding classroom parties.  Room Parents should discuss with the teacher the classroom policy for parties.  Some teachers choose to have Fall Harvest Parties, Winter Celebrations, Valentine’s Day and an End of Year Celebration, for example.   


  1. Party Funds: Traditionally money has been requested to help pay for parties.  In a continued effort to better utilize our resources, we are now asking that no funds be requested for this purpose.  Instead, you may ask for voluntary donations, decorations or supplies. Parents are typically happy to contribute!  Have fun and be creative!


  1. Staff Appreciation: At Willamette, we take great pride in our amazing teachers.  May 4-8, 2015 is Staff Appreciation Week.  This is a great time for students to show their appreciation to teachers and other staff.  Traditionally, the children honor their teachers by bringing in small gifts of gratitude.  Please make this an event in which everyone can participate!


  1. End-of-Year Teacher Gift:  This is optional and may be done individually or as a classroom.  If doing a class gift, the Room Parent may request funds from the parents and present the gift at the end-of-the-year party.